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Oil and Gas
The popularize of Ontop cable tray and it's technology applies in petrochemical equipment, it changes the situation of the past single adopts steel welding or assembling cable bracket
Power Industry
With the broaden of cable tray, it gets rapid development, Improving old molding process, and more and more new mouldingis appeared continuously, At present it has more than 20 polymer composite materials moulding, and and successfully used in industrial production.
Engineering Construction
As an advanced cable tray manufacturer, we can provide customers with products suitable for all kinds of application environment, and provide comprehensive solutions,In the construction industry we can provide all kinds of products and it's accessories, at the same, we also can customize special specifications products according to customers' requirement
New Energy Industry
Wind energy is formed by flow under solar radiation. Compared with other energy, wind power has obvious advantages, its large reserves, 10 times that of water, widely distributed, never dried up, the traffic inconvenience, away from the main grid of islands and remote areas is particularly important
All News
About Ontop
Suzhou Ontop Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd has equipped with completed rang of equipment and advanced processing technology.
Regarding science and technology as the primary productivity, the company has established long term cooperation with many institutions specialized in design.
Suzhou Ontop provide all services to customers in order to create more value
The main business scope of Suzhou Ontopis manufacturing cable bridges, bus ducts, high/ low voltage switch cabinets, switchboards, switch boxes and illuminating boxes.
Technical Certification
Regarding science and technology as the primary productivity, the company has established long term cooperation with many institutions specialized in design.
Suzhou Ontop is unswervingly keeping the principle of continuous innovation, improvement and customer’s satisfaction.
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